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Wet rooms are the new, modern bathrooms and are becoming a lot more popular with new bathrooms being installed today. The idea of a wet room is simple – It is to use whatever space is available, in the most flexible way possible, to suit the needs of those who use it.


A modern wet room it is the shower being integrated in to the bathroom instead of being a boxed off space in the corner. The big difference of course is the level of the flooring. If you merely tile these areas later on water might penetrate though walls into timber framing, plaster and carpets causing hundreds of pounds of damage. A wet room has no step or tray for the shower area. The floor being a suitable gradient so water drains away and doesn't flow out right across the entire bathroom floor. Wet Room Installation Central London.

London Bathroom Installations are trustworthy experts in installing wet rooms and will do our best to provide you the highest quality of done work. If you would like to have bathroom which needs maintenance as little as possible you will be sure that a wet room is the best choice. For wet room installation prices please contact us.

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